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A name you can trust for your Oklahoma delivery needs.

Oklahoma: Eagle HotShot Trucking Services Include but not limited too:

Oklahoma Based Hauling – Delivering to all 50 states.


Straight Trucks

“Last Mile” Service for Freight Forwaridng Companies

“White Glove” Service Certified Drivers

LTL (Less than Truckload)

Dedicated Vehicle Hauling

Trade Show Oil Field


Team Service

Over Dimensional

(Licensed and Insured)

Eagle HotShot is the most reliable hot shot service in Oklahoma.  Eagle HotShot provides safe, reliable, and continuous, on-time hot shot services to its expanding customer base across the United States.

Eagle HotShot is committed to top of the line service in every part of the hot shot delivery process.  That includes retaining the best hotshot drivers on the road.  We hire qualified and experienced hot shot drivers to take the wheel of our fast and efficient hot shot fleet of trucks and trailers, offering exceptional driver support.

Our focus at Eagle HotShot is providing high quality hot shot delivery service to our customers and continuous freight runs for our team of expert drivers.  Eagle Hot Shot is continually investing in our team and our equipment to offer the best possible service for our customers.

Unlike other hot shot services, Eagle HotShot takes the time to understand our customer’s business and make sure that we’re providing the right solutions for their transportation solutions.

Our goal at Eagle HotShot is to provide each customer with reliable service that they can count on to get their freight where it needs to be safely, and efficiently.


Best in class shipping container delivery service.

Eagle HotShot brings your shipping container on a truck that can easily set your container down for you on a secure flat surface,  without needing any special equipment on your part for the unloading process.

Our driver will back up the truck to the spot where you would like the container set down and securely deliver your container.

The back end of our shipping container delivery truck lowers and there is a machine winch that lowers the far end of the container onto the ground. Our driver then pulls our shipping container delivery truck forward and uses then winch to finish setting the container onto the ground.

The proper clearance area for Eagle HotShot shipping container trucks translates to 110′ for a 20′ container and 130′ for a 40′ container.

When our team delivers your container and sets it on the ground, the container pushes down and out on the truck, for this reason firm, ground is a must to ensure that we have proper traction for the delivery vehicle. Paved surfaces and gravel are best.

Eagle HotShot does not deliver on grassy surfaces, lawns or in fields.When determining where you would like your shipping container delivered, it is imperative to consider the truck maneuvering into that location, including clearance for turning off of the road.

Prepare your site for a shipping container delivery:


  • Provide space for the delivery truck to maneuver: It’s crucial to make sure that there is enough space for our container delivery truck can make wide turns, get between gates or other obstructions, and safely set up for delivery. Shipping container delivery trucks make wide turns.


  • Space to deliver: It’s always safer to plan for too much space rather than too little space. The container delivery truck is nearly 10′ wide, and needs space to maneuver after the box has been dropped. 60 feet for 20 foot containers and 100 feet for 40 foot containers, plus space to turn and drive away.
  • Secure a hard surface: Without a hard surface, our container delivery vehicles can sink into the ground. It’s critical for your safety and ours that your staging area for container delivery consist of a hard surface.


  • Clear of obstructions: It is always safer to provide more space than you think you’ll need for a container delivery. Any obstructions make it exteremely difficult for our trucks to properly deliver your shipping container.


With Trucks like these you can know that your cargo will arrive safely to any destination.

The Oklahoma Eagle HotShot fleet is made up of the top-of-the-line Dodge Hot Shot Rigs that we’ve tested and proven to be reliable for any job.

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