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Saving You  Money

The least expensive freight quote is not always the cheapest way to send a shipment.  With Eagle HotShot freight shipping you don’t have to sacrifice quailty truckload or LTL service for fair price.  We save our customers thousands of dollars on shipments each year.  How?  It’s simple.  Our trucks and trailers require less fuel and maintenance than a full size big-rig.  And we pass that savings on to our customers making sure that you get a fair shake.

Peace of Mind

Eagle HotShot is a family owned company.  We’re dedicated 100% to meeting and surpassing the U.S. Department of Transportation’s compliance, saftey and accountability requirements (CSA).  We take safety very seriously and we take our standards just as seriously.  Eagle HotShot only hire and work with the most reliable drivers in the Mid-West.  All of our drivers go through the same application process in order to ensure our high standards are maintained on every delivery.


Eagle HotShot maintains insurance for our services to ensure that we meet the full requirement of the law.  Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding this information.  Our insurance offers additional peace of mind for your delivery, knowing that we’re taking extra steps to ensure top of line service for your HotShot delivery.    You can know that you’re in good hands when you’re using Eagle HotShot for your freight delivery.

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