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New Electronic Logging Device Options for Mid-Duty Haulers and Hotshots

Electronic Logging Device

In full compliance with the ELD Mandate, the makers of the Blue Ink Technology BIT Electronic Logging Device have produced a revolutionary piece of kit that is available as a hardware-only purchase that can be easily paired with Android and IOS devices using freeware.

It has been designed for medium and light-duty trucks that have OBDII-type-in-cab portals to the truck electric control modules.

With the myriad of ELD solutions that are offered on a pay-per-month subscription basis, the introduction of an ELD Device that enables hotshots and mid-duty haulers to make a one-off purchase without needing to pay an ongoing fee for the software is welcome news.

Blue Ink Technology is the company behind this innovation has stated the product is extremely easy to use. Considering the average age of a truck driver is currently within the 50-60-year-old range, this particular element will be extremely useful in helping those who are less accustomed to using technology in their day-to-day lives.

The BIT Electronic Logging Device directly meets the needs of smaller trucks that are notoriously difficult when compared with the larger heavy-duty vehicles. Often, the precise information that is now required under law by the FMCSA isn’t in a standard address, as is the case with the larger vehicles.

The company admits that obtaining the Odometer reading from these smaller trucks wasn’t straightforward. However, following a rigorous testing and development process, Blue Ink Technology resolved the issue and have designed their products to meet the needs of all ELD-managed small – mid-sized trucks across the U.S.

This brand-new Electronic Logging Device is priced slightly higher than the standard version for heavy-duty trucks. It costs $395 Vs. the $295 price tag for the larger vehicles. However, for those drivers who have become accustomed to using the BIT ELD App in their larger vehicles, it is now possible for a streamlined application that works equally as well across all of the different-sized vehicles in a fleet.

If you are considering using BITs ELD for the first time, they are providing users with a 30-day money back assurance that gives people the freedom to try out the new system on a risk-free basis.

What are the benefits of the BIT ELD Device?

There are a number of other key features included with the BIT ELD that provides a USB 2.0 port which enables the app to write a DOT officers thumb drive while at the roadside. This is particularly advantageous when the vehicle is out of range of not located in close proximity to a cell-tower, and they are unable to transfer their logs across the internet.

HaulingAnother extremely beneficial function that the BIT ELD device provides is that it supports firmware updated that take place ‘across the air’ and via the app. This saves the driver time and the hassle of having to remember to plug it into their computer in order to keep the app up to date.

The BIT ELD application will obtain and retain hours of drivers service logs and gives trucking fleets the ability to be able to review, edit, and certify the data. The app makes it easy to see exactly how many hours are left in the drivers working cycle before they are due to take a break. All of these logs can be automatically transmitted via email.

The data is not stored locally on the device. Instead, it is transmitted to a cloud-based online portal that can be easily accessed by drivers, even if they are multiple logs from different carriers. If needed, they can use this to track their actual working hours along with the details of any vehicle inspections.

Centralized management is also enhanced as both dispatchers and fleet managers can quickly and easily review their driver logs, check the history of their routes, and also receive specific driver-violation notifications.

Installation is quick and easy and requires the use of no tools at all. It fits in with the 9-pin and/or 6-pin diagnostic ports, and the data transfer takes place via Bluetooth.

The New Blue Ink Technology solution is free from contractual obligations and monthly charges – instead, it is offered on a one-time fee basis and is marketed directly to owner-operators and small to medium-sizes of fleets.

Other Helpful Links:

In 2015, the FMCSA published the first rules around Electronic Logging Devices, and the initial deadline for compliance occurred in December 2017. This came about after the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Bill was enacted in 2012. This bill detailed the specific criteria for the development of a new rule that was needed in order to mandate the use of ELDs.

An ELD device records a truck drivers Record of Duty Status which directly replaced the traditional paper logbook that drivers had previously used to keep a record of their compliance with the Hours of Service requirements.

All fleets were given until December 2017 to implement an ELD system to record this data. For any fleet which had already implemented technology for the electronic tracking of these records, they were given a different date of December 2019 in order to comply with the newly published specifications.

In Summary

This new ELD technology will save time, money, and hassle for drivers who need to comply with the ELD mandate. It provides an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution that also provides better visibility to fleet managers and their teams.

Elizabeth March, Lead Copywriter

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