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What Exactly Is Hotshot Trucking?

In the trucking delivery industry, the term hotshot most commonly refers a type of truck or type of freight.  However, most of the time it’s referring to both.   For trucks, it’s normally a class 3 to 5 truck used in combination with a variety of trailers to run “for-hire” freight jobs, often times for a single customer or a less than “truck load” (referring to 18 wheelers).  The truck will often be one of the three big U.S. manufacturers three-quarter to one and a half ton cab and shassis righs or best in clas pickup trucks outfitted for weight-distributing goosenecks or even a fifth-wheel type of connection for a trailer.


Hotshot freight is typically hauled for an individual customer in need of an expedited delivery.  In most cases in can be a crucial delivery to prevent a disruption in services for a company or a business operation.  Hotshot loads could be 100 miles away, and some of our loads are the opposite side of the country.


If you ask around, most folks will tell you that the term “Hotshot” originally came out of the Texas oilfields, where many years ago, pickup trucks delivered quickly-needed parts for offroad drilling and pumping operations.  This specialized and fast delivery continues on today and has specifically benefitted from U.S. fracking programs.


What is the main advantage of a hotshot delivery?  For most of our customers, it’s avoiding service downtime and minimizing cost to avoid the service downtime.  In addition, many of our customers use our hotshot delivery service as a way to boost revenue and keep their steady client base.


In our business we keep an eye on the Hot Shot Load Boards for potential load providers.  There’s a lot of opportunity out there, and plenty of work to go around.  Some of the most popular hotshot load boards include:



These are just a few, but if you’re in need of a delivery now, we recommend reaching out to us right away.  We’ll be happy to get your delivery on it’s way.




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