While many people are aware of the freight industry for transportation, hot shot trucking is relatively obscure to some, especially its origins and history. How did hot shot trucking become popular? When did it begin, and what advantages did it posses over traditional freight transportation? This is an industry which has been around for decades, and still remains in use.



Topics covered in this article about The History of Hot Shot Services:

  • Hot Shot Trucking: The Beginning
  • Expedited Hot Shot Loads vs. Expedited Freight Services

Hot Shot Trucking: The Beginning

Before the advent of the automobile, if people needed something transported from one place to another they would need to resort to trains or even horse-drawn carriages and buggies. Even once commercial cars and trucks arrived on the scene, it wasn’t until the 1950s that trucking became a giant industry. This largely had to do with the arrival of interstate highways. After a decade, however, the hot shot industry began to appear.

At first, pickup truck drivers would offer their services to take a load of something (initially it was often oil parts) in exchange for payment. This was common for a time, until the oil parts manufacturing industry declined. They didn’t disappear, though. Instead, they offered their services to other industries, and remained in demand. As time passed, they continued to grow and become more popular. In fact, the hot shot industry has increased exponentially since its beginnings.

Expedited Hot Shot Loads vs. Expedited Freight Services

Hot Shot hauling a tractor - delivery of a new tractor to coloradoWhat’s the difference between an expedited freight and a hot shot service? The idea behind each service is the same, namely moving a load from one place to another quickly, but the method is where the difference lies. Expedited freights rely on big rig trucks and vans, but a hot shot service only needs a basic pickup truck to operate. After hooking up a trailer to the pickup truck, it’s ready to deliver whatever time-sensitive load needs delivering. Take note, though, that hot shot only transports smaller loads, as opposed to the much larger ones done by freighter truckers. At the same time, hot shot trucks still can carry a substantial amount. Some even carry cars on their trailers.

The Advantages of Using Hot Shot Trucking Companies

One advantage of the hot shot service is the process to become a hot shot trucker is less complicated than becoming a big rig trucker. If someone wants to take part in the hot shot trucking industry, they only need a commercial license to operate. Freight truckers, on the other hand, require a CDL. Furthermore, starting a hot shot service requires fewer costs, and if new equipment is needed in the future, it won’t be too expensive. This often makes them more cost-efficient for the customer.

If a hot shot driver is licensed and covered by insurance, the only thing they have left to worry about is keeping their equipment in working order.

Trailer Weights

Towing Safety

If you need cargo transported from one place to another in a timely manner, we recommend you contact a regional hot shot service for more information on your options.