Truck Maintenance Tips: One vital part of hot shot driving is truck maintenance. Our Jenks drivers wouldn’t be able to go very far if their truck wasn’t good condition, so routine maintenance is a necessity. Even if you aren’t a hot shot driver, you want to keep your truck working properly.

Routine maintenance will help you fix small problems before they become far worse, saving you time and money. Read on to learn more about what good practices you should be in for keeping your truck in top condition.

This article about Truck Maintenance Tips will cover the following topics:

  • Change Your Oil and Change Your Oil Filter
  • Check Truck Fluid Levels
  • Regularly Rotate Your Tires
  • Prevent Debris from Building Up on the Exterior

Change Your Oil and Change Your Oil Filter

This one is common knowledge for most drivers, but it’s easy to forget about changing your oil. It seems like such a small thing, but clean oil is necessary for keeping your truck running properly by lubricating the engine. If the oil is dirty, it can’t lubricate the engine, and your truck won’t run properly. Consult your owner’s manual to see when you should change the oil and how often you should do it. While you are at it, make sure you change the oil filter. It keeps the contaminants out of the oil, so it’s important to change it out regularly.

Check Truck Fluid Levels

The power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid are all important to keeping you safe on the road, so you will want to habitually check them. Power steering fluid, as the name implies, allows you to power steer your vehicle, which reduces the effort required to turn the wheels. Brake fluid amplifies the breaking force when you brake your truck. Coolant, which has a high boiling point and low freezing point, prevents the fluids in the truck’s engine from freezing or overheating. Out of all of these, windshield washer fluid might seem somewhat insignificant, but it is just as important as the rest of these fluids. If your windshield is too dirty, you won’t be able to drive safely, and windshield washer fluid will help you keep the windshield clean.

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Tire safety for cross state travel Regularly Rotate Your Tires

Like changing your oil, regular tire rotation is advice many drivers are used to hearing. There is a reason everyone says you should rotate your tires, though. Simply put, it increases your tire’s longevity by wearing out the tread evenly. Furthermore, regular tire rotation will increase your gas mileage and extend the suspension’s life.



Prevent Debris from Building Up on the Exterior

If you want the paint to last on your truck, then it’s a good idea to keep the exterior clean. A build up of dirt and debris can damage the paintjob over time. Be sure to keep the undercarriage clean while you’re at it.

Have Your Truck Regularly Inspected

While a truck inspection will cost you some money in the short term, it will save you money in the long term by catching small problems before they worsen. It can seem inconvenient, but if you want your truck to last, regular inspections are crucial to truck maintenance.

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In short, while routine maintenance will take some extra time, it will keep you happily driving your truck for years to come. Looking for more information about Truck Maintenance Tips? Contact us at (918) 884-9421 Need a Tulsa towing company>