Emergency Towing

Eagle TransporterAt some point, we’ve all encountered problems with our vehicle on the road and needed roadside assistance. Maybe one of your tires blew out or your battery died. You need a Tulsa towing service who has the right experience and equipment to help you. Emergency towing vehicles have been around for many years and continue to keep drivers safe when they have troubles with their vehicle.

Learn More About The History of Towing Services

In the early 20th century, a man named Earnest Holmes Sr. had a friend whose automobile become stuck in a river. Even after conscripting the help of six other men, it took hours of grueling work to remove the car from the river, and Holmes realized there must be a more efficient way to do it. He spent a lot of time and money modifying his 1913 Cadillac and patenting his design for the first tow truck. It would have cost him the equivalent of 250,000 modern dollars, but it was well worth it in the end. The earliest tow trucks would have used a hook and pulley system and allowed one person to do something which once took eight people. As the tow truck became more popular, emergency towing services began to appear. They saved time and manpower and continued to improve over time, and still continue to improve to this very day.

Now tow trucks come in many different varieties, too. We have the flatbed tow truck, one of the most common types. We also have integrated tow trucks, which can handle heavy-duty situations, or wheel-lift tow trucks, which are an improvement on the hook and chain style of tow truck. You can read more about these kinds of tow trucks here. Tow trucks might have existed for about a century, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Towing Services in Oklahoma:

In the early days of towing, just being able to remove a stuck vehicle was considered a great feat. As time moved on, though, more services became available from emergency towing services.

You can contact a Tulsa towing company near you to learn what specific services are offered, but the following are some of the ones you can commonly find these days:

  • Car and motorcycle towing
  • Heavy-duty towing
  • Local towing
  • Long-distance towing
  • Replacing a car battery
  • Towing cars off private property
  • Changing flat tires
  • Car accident removal
  • Refueling services
  • Lockout services

Emergency Towing Services in Oklahoma

Emergency roadside assistance can reach further than just a certain local area. They can travel long distances to help out vehicles that are stuck. In addition, a modern emergency roadside technician has more skills than just towing your vehicle. As mentioned above, if you are locked out of your car or truck, they are trained to help get you back into your vehicle. Maybe you lost your ignition key entirely. Today’s roadside services can replace your ignition key for you.

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