Eagle Trucking - hauling a 5 tonThe logistics industry is booming across America. Delivering freight is vital to every community’s economy. Practically every business needs to ship or receive goods and equipment. Hot shot loads are typically time sensitive deliveries that can be shipped on medium-duty or one-ton trucks. The delivery might be 100 miles away or on the opposite side of the country.

With 18 different classes of freight, there are many opportunities for hot shot drivers. Traditionally, hot shot loads were ones that could fit on a removable gooseneck or in a box truck, but today, partial loads and LTL (less than truckload) loads can also be referred to as a hot shot load. Many hot shot loads come from the oil and gas or construction industries.

Determining rates for a hot shot load can be complex, because it depends on many factors. For instance:

  • What is the freight class?
  • What lane are you running? How easy is it to find trucks for that lane?
  • How fast does the load need to be delivered?
  • Can you find a load for the return trip?

Benefits of Hot Shot Trucking

The HotShot industry has its fair share of confusing legislation and laws and the start up costs are often too much for new companies to join the industry. Thankfully, Eagle has been in the towing industry for decades! As the consumer, you need to be aware of local and federal laws, but don’t worry we know them from registering commercially under DOT regulations to safety regulations.

It is our goal at Eagle When hauling hot shot loads, to minimize your wait time. We understand your need for a quick delivery, as often times, your income depends on it. That is why we have a fleet of trucks designated specifically to Oklahoma transport coming and going.

Salary Estimates For Hot Shot Trucking

Interested in driving for a regional hotshot company? Online salary estimates start hot shot drivers at about $30K annually, but it can be much more. It really depends on the loads, pricing, and amount of work the transport company has over an entire year.

Trying To Start Your Own Hotshot Company?

Finding Hot Shot Loads and Getting Paid

When it comes to finding loads, there are a number of load boards. DAT TruckersEdge, uShip – Hot Shot and 124 Loadboad, are some of the most popular, but there are dozens online. You have to stay in touch with the boards that fit the equipment you are using. In certain areas, competition can be high.

When you find the boards you want to use, search for hot shot and LTL loads that fit in your lane. Develop relationships with companies that post a lot of loads in the region you run.

Watch rates to make sure you’re making a profit. You may want to calculate an average cost per mile for running, then choose rates that give you some profit at the end of it. Don’t forget to look for return loads to avoid deadheading.

What we’ve learned the hard way

Many new hot shot drivers forget to account for the time it takes to get paid. Some companies pay quickly, in a matter of days, while others take 30 to 60 days to disburse payment. Keep good records to follow up on unpaid invoices to keep your business going.

Circumstances, geographies and industries vary, so there is a wide a range of rates for hot shot drivers. It often depends on the length of the haul, the time frame and other factors. You may find rates as low as $0.80/mile up to $4.00/mile. Hot shot rates typically include fuel costs, so it’s easier to figure your profit margin on a load.

Bottom line: Hot shot trucking can be a great way to get into the logistics industry, but be prepared to work hard to find success. Looking a hotshot job?