Towing Basics – What You Need to Know About Towing

If you own an RV, then your main priority needs to be one thing: safety. One of the largest factors in keeping you and your RV safe while driving is the towing capacity. If you want to stay safe on the road, you need to know what your vehicle’s towing capacity is, so you don’t go over its limit. Need a trucking company?

Towing Capacity

dodge 5500As the name implies, your vehicle’s towing capacity is the max weight it can tow without risk. If you stay within this limit, then most vehicles are capable of towing. With that said, it is best that you know the components of your vehicle’s towing capacity.

First, learn the Gross Combination Weight Rating, or GCWR, of your vehicle. This rating is for the total weight your vehicle can tow safely, comprised of your vehicle’s gross weight and your GTW (Gross Trailer Weight). You can find the GCWR in the manual for your vehicle, or from the manufacturer. To remain safe, you shouldn’t assume what your vehicle is capable of handling, since this could lead to overloading. Whenever you calculate your vehicle’s GCWR, be sure to include every possible factor, from the fuel tank and passengers, to cargo and the water in the radiator. Once you’ve made the calculation, you can determine if you can safely tow.

You also, however, need to consider the tongue weight, to make sure your load remains properly balanced. Local Carpet Cleaner>

Effectively, the trailer’s weight directly pressing on your vehicle is known as the tongue weight. This makes up roughly 14 percent of the GTW, so it’s important to know what your trailer’s tongue weight is. Otherwise, this could cause unwanted stress on your vehicle, and cause your trailer to sway (or “fishtail”).

If you want to learn the trailer’s tongue weight, you should consult the manual for your vehicle and your trailer. If the worst happens and you suffer issues while driving due to a miscalculation of weight, contact a Tulsa wrecking company for assistance.

Proper Trailer Hitching

Hitching your vehicle properly will also help keep you safe. First, you need to ensure you have the correct hitch for what you’re towing. Even if the weight doesn’t exceed what your vehicle is capable of towing, it isn’t going to matter if the hitch isn’t properly secured.

Improper Towing – What Dangers Am I Facing?

If you don’t meet your vehicle’s towing standards properly, then you can encounter numerous problems. In fact, overloading a trailer is responsible for many towing accidents. The same can be said of cases where of underloading the trailer. Drivers have encountered issues of erratic steering when pulling an overloaded trailer. Additionally, overloaded trailers have caused both erratic acceleration and erratic braking. All of these amount to you not being able to properly control your vehicle thanks to the overloaded trailer, and lead to a far more dangerous drive. Worse, not properly following your vehicle’s standards causes trailer sway, which can cause it to collide with other vehicles. In particularly bad cases, trailers have even run off of the road.

Contact your vehicle’s manufacturer if you have more questions, or if your trailer ran off the road, book a Tulsa towing service to help you.