Hot Shot Hauling Oil Field PipingTrailer Weight and Balance – Many of us have been there before. There’s a large load to haul, and you need your trailer to do it. You carefully load up your trailer and begin to perform an inspection to make sure you’re going to reach your destination safely. After making sure the trailer is hooked up to your vehicle properly, you check to see how well the weight is balanced in your trailer. Why is this step so important, though? Some might be tempted to skip it, but it’s a vital step to take before driving off somewhere. If you want to reach your destination safely, it’s always a good idea to make sure the trailer is balanced and not overburdened.

Topics covered in this article about Trailer Weight and Balance:

  • Dangers of an Overloaded Trailer
  • Figuring Out Your Trailer
  • Keep Calm on the Road

Dangers of an Overloaded Trailer

An overburdened, unbalanced trailer can lead to several problems of varying severity. It might be something as simple as reducing your vehicle’s miles per gallon (mpg) or wearing out your trailer and vehicle faster. However, it could also cause you to lose control of your vehicle easier, or worse, cause a rollover. Whether you’re a traveler or a Jenks hotshot trucker, the last thing you want is catastrophic equipment failure in the middle of your drive. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your trailer is not overloaded.

Figuring Out Your Trailer

hot shot hauling pumps halliburton oil companyWe recommend going to a Jenks hotshot service to have a large load transported somewhere to ensure your safety and the safety of whatever you’re transporting. With that said, if you need to do it on your own, or perhaps you want to work for a hotshot company and want to know what to do, the following list should help you get started with safety checking your trailer.

Safety Check

If there’s a truck stop near you, then you can weigh your trailer. Most of them have a scale you can park on and, for a fee, they can provide you with information on the weight of your trailer. Try a dump near you if there is no truck stop. With the internet, you have no shortage of resources. There are many websites out there which can help you calculate the weight of your trailer. Once you figure out the weight, you can make adjustments. Also, read your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is equipped to handle a load of that weight. Once all of that is taken care of, you can balance out the load inside the trailer by evenly distributing the load’s weight all throughout it.

Freight Pricing

Emergency Towing

Towing Safety

Keep Calm on the Road

It’s important to remain calm and collected while you’re driving your trailer. Overcorrection to any problems arising can lead to worse problems, but if you keep calm, then you have a chance of recovering. If your trailer starts fishtailing, don’t try to correct it. Keep a clear head and ease your way to a stop. If you’re cautious, confident, and relaxed, you will be able to tow your trailer just fine.

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