Truck Bed Damage Prevention


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While trailers are one of the main tools used by hot shot truckers, the truck bed is an important part of hauling any load. Maybe you carry a large toolbox in your truck’s bed. Alternatively, you might just use it to store some items you didn’t want to put into the trailer. Whatever the case is, it takes a beating throughout its life. Because of that, it’s a good idea to take basic damage prevention measures.

We’ve discussed general truck maintenance in the past, but this time we’re going to provide a more focused guide. It’s easy to take the truck bed for granted. Keeping it in good condition will help extend its life, however, and preserve your truck’s value. This is sound advice, whether you’re a hot shot trucker, or just enjoy driving a pickup truck.

Today, we’re looking at the following:
Let’s see what you can do for your truck:

Invest in a Truck Bed Liner

A truck bed liner is one of the easiest solutions to your problem. Effectively, a bed liner is a plastic or vinyl liner designed to cover the truck’s bed. It might also come in the form of a spray, which you can apply to the bed of your truck to cover the metal portion of it.
Which one you choose depends on your truck and your personal preference. You will need to make sure it’s installed properly. The last thing you want is for moisture or debris to find their way under the bed liner.

Consider Using a Truck Bed Cap

One alternative to bed lining is the truck bed cap. These caps are made of fiberglass or plastic and cover the truck bed. Some are fitted with windows. Others have compartments in them. They’re useful year-round, and will protect the bed from rain, hail, and other harsh elements. Make sure the cap fits over your truck bed. You don’t want to purchase a truck cap only to find it’s incompatible with your truck.

Take Care of the Underside of the Truck Bed

While you definitely want to take care of the surface of the truck bed, the underside needs attention too. Think of how much debris your truck kicks up onto its underside while you’re driving. Water. Road Salt. Sand. Gravel. The list goes on.
Eventually, this leads to rusting, which can damage the bed panels and bed supports. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent this from happening. Wash the underside and coat it with oil or other rust prevention products.
As you can see, it’s relatively simple to keep your truck bed protected from damage.
If you need to haul something and want to keep the truck bed safe, then contact a Tulsa hot shot service near you.

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