One of the biggest challenges for truck drivers is to keep relationships strong while being gone for long periods of time. Maintaining a marriage is difficult enough when two people see each other every day. The trucking lifestyle can really take a toll on a marriage. How do long-time truckers manage it? We’ll cover tips for maintaining relationships when you’re a truck driver.

Make Your Relationship a Priority

Schedule time for your partner. Make the most of your time together. When you are home, spend time together. Be sure to plan time with just your spouse when you can. Don’t make date nights complicated but do try to make it special. Tune in to your partner and focus on them. Try to always leave on a good note.

Talk Daily

Video apps make it much easier to stay connected. When you see your partner on the phone, it can really help you talk and stay on the same page. At the very minimum, you should have one call or text each day. Sometimes, schedules just don’t match up. Send a special note when that happens and make it a priority to find time to talk.

Communicate Effectively

Talking isn’t always communicating about the hard stuff. It’s important to be honest about your feelings. Women like to talk about their feelings and situations to work through things. Men tend to avoid talking about things. You have to learn to find a balance to offer support when you’re not at home.

Change Your Expectations

When one spouse is gone, the other spouse has to pick up the slack. You may have to give up taking care of the car, fixing the fence or other gender roles. The spouse at home may need to take on more day-to-day issues. Although expectations change, provide support for the other person. Let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Manage Stress Effectively

Both the trucker and the spouse have daily stress that can come between the relationship. Learning to manage this stress and keep it out of time together can really help a relationship. If stress is a problem, consider counseling as a way to learn better techniques.

Save the Big Discussions For When You’re Together

Ask your partner to give you space when you’re on the road to be able to focus on your driving. There will be times when you need to bite your tongue and save the tough talk for when you’re together. On the other hand, don’t waste time together arguing. By waiting to discuss things, you may find that the problem isn’t as big as you thought.

Show That You’re Trustworthy

Relationships take trust. Make sure to spend leisure time in activities that you wouldn’t be afraid to tell your spouse about. If you don’t have trust before you go out on the road, then your relationship probably won’t stand up for the long haul. When you trust each other, you have the best chance to keep your relationship survive.
Relationships take work. You will have to spend time keeping your relationship healthy, but it is worth it.